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AI Branding Expert & Creative Director

With over 20 years of international experience, Viktor specializes in advanced branding and digital marketing projects at the intersection of creativity and technology. As Creative Director at Dragon Rouge, he provides strategic insights and a start-up, agile approach to drive innovation.

Viktor is also CEO of BrandVision AI, developing AI solutions for brand consistency across platforms. This allows brands to harness the power of generative AI while maintaining their unique voice. His background spans creative direction, marketing strategy, and deep tech investments.

Viktor promotes the ethical application of AI for marketing goals. He navigates at the cutting edge of MarTech advances to unlock growth while avoiding pitfalls like bias. Viktor envisions AI as a collaborative tool, not a replacement for human creativity and judgment.

With a track record of award-winning campaigns, transformations for global brands, and AI product development, Viktor brings strategic vision and hands-on expertise. He guides brands to become „LiveBrands” that organically evolve while remaining distinctly themselves.

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