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Psychologist, researcher, and business trainer, Managing Director of SWPS Innovations. Advisor to the President of the Employers of Poland Association. Member of the Council for Women in the Labor Market at the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Policy.

Since 2012, she has gained training experience, including an internship at the Clinic of Psychiatry and Combat Stress at the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw.

In 2016, she obtained her trainer qualifications at the Moderator Business Trainers School in Wrocław. Co-organizer of the TEDxWarsaw 2016 conference, where she served as Internal Communications Manager and was responsible for preparing speakers for their presentations.

She has experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research. Co-author of the report „Employers of Poland’s Perspective: The Situation of Women in the Labor Market” (November 2023).

At SWPS University, she engages in consulting, research, and training activities for the business and public sectors. From 2019 to 2022, she conducted her own workshop program on time management at the Faculty of Law in Warsaw, and from 2019 to 2020, she also conducted personality psychology workshops at the Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw.

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