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For over a dozen years, she has been developing digital health products and services aimed at patients. From 2010 to 2019, she built the and websites, leading them to become the top sites in their respective fields. Since 2019, she has been responsible for, which has been the leading health portal in Poland since 2020, dominating in reach, engagement, and influence.

She is an ambassador of the patient-centric approach, consistently working towards her vision of making Medonet a center for e-health—a place that allows patients to fulfill a variety of health needs online.

She actively participates in the medtech community, supporting innovative solutions that are transforming health prevention and treatment. She is a member of the Program Council for events such as AI & MEDTECH CEE and MEDmeetsTECH, as well as a judge in competitions organized by hospitals and the NIL IN, which identify the most innovative solutions for doctors, patients, and medical facilities.

She is the originator of the Health Index for Companies—a tool that helps organizations develop a comprehensive strategy for improving employee health and measures the effectiveness of the actions taken in this area.

She is also a mentor in the Network of Entrepreneurial Women.

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